Rapzension OV - D'Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz 1999

Ein Gastbeitrag von GY



D'Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz,
it is more golden then the shirt of king Midaz,
from Barossa Valley, that's Australien!
I know, its weird, and it sounds alien!


But it isn't! Its powerful and dense red-purple,
use it excessive and look like Steve Urkle!
Deep black cherry and plum fruit on the bouquet,
its like a an inside job - with your fiancée!


Rich and concentrated palate,
its not about weight,
its fruit-driven, long lived and long liven,
plus a 14.5% alcohol boost -
as an american, you should better get used
to this amount of power.
Your beer tastes like flower!


Though tannins and oak presents no problem at all,
there is a hint of adjusted acidity that falls,
quite flat.
Like your girlfriend in bed.
Well, Robert Parker says ninetysix points,
what he means, it tastes like a hit in the groins,
because it aged in 100% new oak of which 30% is french -
refreshing like a day in a trench!


Full-bodied and awesomely rich,
like Kate Hudson as an awesomely dish,
with notes of licorice and black pepper,
licorice looks like its missing a letter!
Blackberry as well as cherry liqueur cascade,
over the palate,
with enormous concentration and intensity -
smells like a crowded beach density!


High tannin and a structured, muscular style like a male.
Like THE ROCK would have been part of the tale!
It is a timeless museum piece made in a style,
that can only be produced in Barossa or McLaren Vale right.
The heady aroma is powerful and pretty,
hey - are we talking again about titti?
With notes of fennel and purple flowers?
Its mighter than the Lord of the Rings Two Towers!


It has great power, depth, length and density -
and as we know: with great power comes great responsibility!
And for the uninformed, this is one last tip:
Notes of anise and spice linger just for a last sip dip.

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