Rapzension - Chionetti Dolcetto Di Dogliani San Luigi 2012 (OV)

Ein Gastbeitrag von GY


This is an OV - original version,
just a small diversion! No need for rehearsal!


Chionetti Dogliani,
this is the beat for your party!





One bloody hell of a wine,
Mr. Gerteis gave me this review and I just said "fine".
What should I do, without native language?
Lets do this shit in just plain english!


Dark ruby, hard beauty,
black cherry and menthol nose,
flowerfull descriptions - yes its one of those.
Light bodied, with tart acidity and dusty tannins,
I'm outa here like Leeroy Jenkins.


Dogliani! The red wine made from Dolcetto grapes.
look! There is a difference, between Cornetto and Apes!
Grown in vineyards around Piedmont, a small town in north-western Italy,
it stays true to its routes, it's the alchohols Semper Fi!


Dogliani! The focus on softer, fruitier Dolcetto,
variety's finest expressions to the get no,
its not perfetto,
its a crescendo, diminuendo, a riff and a good band-flow!


Dogliani! A name mutate from Dolium Jani,
meaning 'the wine jar of Janus'! Its insaney!
Following a legend of the Roman god Janus,
bloody hell - this story? My anus!


Dogliani! Compared to Dolcetto, its style is bigger and riper,
its just one verse in an endlessness love cypher.
Characterized by a deep purple color and intensely bouquet,
definitely something I wanted to stay.


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